Guide on forklift purchase

June 23, 2017

Buying a forklift is not a small investment and it shouldn’t be treated as such. There are lots of considerations to be made and some research to do. Use the list below as a guide to help organize your forklift purchasing process:

1) Consider how you’re going to use the forklift.

- Do you need to stack?

- Will you use your forklift primarily indoors or outdoors?

- How much weight is your typical load?

- What are the typical dimensions of your load?

- How high do you need to lift a load?

2) Think about renting before buying

- If you only need to use the forklift in the short term, it may be more worthwhile to rent than to buy.

3) Is it possible to request for a demo or a short-term rental to test the forklift?

- This allows you to get a sense of the forklift. You can also inspect the seatbelt, horn, lights, tires for its safety and reliability.

4) If you already have other forklifts, you may want to consider buying from the same brand so that your maintenance is through a single source.

- Some questions you can ask your dealer:

a. What level of inventory do you keep on-site for parts replacement?

b. How fast is your average turnaround for parts that have to be delivered?

c. How many certified forklift mechanics do you have?

d. Do you provide on-site service?

e. Do you have guaranteed response times?

f. What kind of insurance do you carry?

5) Pay attention to lifetime cost of your forklift. Make sure you’re choosing a forklift you can afford over its lifetime. Only paying attention to the upfront cost can be a big mistake.

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